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Matt Jordan turns 6 months old

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Meet the Miller-Shea’s. That’s not their official last name but it’ll do. Over the years I have been privileged to know them and I’ve watched them transform from lovebirds, to anxious expectant parents and now devoted mom and dad to little Matt Jordan. I can’t believe just six short months ago we were pacing the corridor of the hospital together, waiting for Matt to make his way into the world. Ceejae has wanted to be a mother for as long as I’ve known her and she was more than ready to give birth to her son that day*. As I look over the family portraits we shot over the weekend, I’d say she’s owning it.

As their doula and friend I am so proud. As their photographer… well let’s just say they make my job rather easy! Check out the photos – they’re as bright and lively as the Miller-Shea’s themselves!

*Miller-Shea birth photography post coming soon! Watch this space!

One thought on “Matt Jordan turns 6 months old

  1. HANDS DOWN EASIEST PHOTOGRAPHER TO WORK WITH!!!!!! Thea u make us feel comfortable and u make taking photos fun! Thank you for being the world best doula and DEFINITELY our FAVOURITE photographer ❤️

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